Beautiful video content for you

Film Me started in Dubai in 2008, to create beautiful content for clients across the Middle East.  We work tirelessly to create stunning videos, wherever you are in the world.

Some of our videos


One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Middle East


Doing amazing work in Jeddah to recycle and reuse paper.

Al Khorayef

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs a constant supply of water, enabled by AWPT

AI-generated videos


Showing the beauty of AI-generated images, created in Midjourney and RunwayML

Storms and Rain

RunwayML just created the Multi Motion brush, helping to create photorealistic and believable content

Saudi 2030

A fun video imagining how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will look in 2030

Some of our Clients

Film Me, working worldwide

We have filmed in over 30 countries around the world, in multiple languages and jurisdictions, creating content wherever it’s needed.  From filming in the Cooke Islands, to the beautiful island of Java in Indonesia, to the top of Burj Khalifa, we have experience filming everywhere.

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